Thermo Scientific™

RP6 Windshielded Swinging Bucket Rotor

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Utilize the rotating capabilities of the Thermo Scientific™ RP6 Windshielded Swinging-Bucket Rotor, a high-capacity, low-speed rotor.

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  • Capacity: 6 × 1000mL (6L) with Round bucket, 12 × 250mL (3L) with Rectangular bucket
  • Max. speed/RCF: 4250rpm/5,735 x g with Round bucket, 5,392 x g with Rectangular rotor

Ordering Information:

Order rotor body (11178252) and buckets and inserts to complete assembly. Order 11178216 for rectangular bucket sealing cap and 25144058 for round bucket sealing cap. Contact your Sales Representative for information.


Rotor body only

Compatible with:

Thermo Scientific KR4i and Sorvall HT6 Centrifuges