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DRI™ Tricyclics Serum Toxicology Assays

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Diagnostic Testing

Quickly and accurately identify tricyclics in serum samples with Thermo Scientific™ DRI™ Tricyclics Serum Toxicology Assays, excellent tools for emergency rooms when urine specimens are not conveniently available.
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These Serum Toxicology Tricyclics Assays have the flexibility of analyzing serum or urine samples. These assays are provided in convenient packaging with separate calibrators for ease of use. A multi-analyte Serum Tox Control is also available. The assays are liquid, ready-to-use and have the versatility to be run on a variety of clinical chemistry analyzers.
  • Serum-and urine-based assay
  • Used to identify class of drug overdose

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1128: Reagent volume 25, 8mL.

For In Vitro Diagnostic Use.  
Reagents are ready-to-use and no additional preparation is needed.