Dynabeads™ CD34 Positive Isolation Kit

Catalog number:  11301D

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Use this kit to isolate a high purity and yield of human CD34+ progenitor stem cells. Positively isolated cells are bead and antibody-free, phenotypically unaltered and suitable for any downstream applications including flow cytometry, functional studies, and cell culture to produce dendritic cells (DC's). The Dynal® CD34 Progenitor Cell Isolation System can also be used to isolate CD34+ cells from rhesus monkey (Macaca mulatta).

• Positive isolation of human CD34+ progenitor stem cells with bead release
• Stem cells can be isolated directly from whole blood, cord blood or bone marrow
• Isolated CD34+ cells can be used in any application, i.e. be derived into dendritic cells (DC's)

Starting samples:
PBMC from mobilized peripheral blood, bone marrow or cord blood.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Capacity: Processes
Cell Type: Stem Cells, Stem Cells (Hematopoietic)
Isolation Technology: Positive Isolation
Output Viability: >95%
Product Line: DETACHaBEAD®, DYNAL®, Dynabeads®
Purity or Quality Grade: Research Grade
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Starting Material Cell No.: 1x10^8 PBMCs per isolation
Target Species: Human
Sample Type: Blood (Mobilized Peripheral), Blood (Umbilical Cord), Bone Marrow

Contents & storage

Each kit contains 5 ml Dynabeads® coated with anti-CD34 monoclonal antibody, and 5 ml DETACHaBEAD® CD34. The kit can process up to 5×109 cells. Store components at 2-8°C.