Dynabeads™ Untouched™ Human Monocytes Kit

Catalog number:  11350D

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Cell Isolation & Expansion

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The Dynabeads® Untouched™ Human Monocytes Kit is used to isolate pure and viable monocytes from PBMC by negative isolation. The kit depletes T cells, B cells, NK cells, dendritic cells, granulocytes, and erythrocytes, while the negatively isolated human monocytes are left in the sample. The isolated monocytes cells are in perfect shape for any functional assay and application. Advantages of the Dynabeads® Untouched™ Human Monocytes Kit:

• High purity, recovery, and viability of human monocytes
• Easy to use and to scale up
• No columns required
Magnetic bead-based separation offers easy handling
An antibody mix towards the non-monocytes is added to the sample and allowed to bind to the cells. After a quick wash, the Dynabeads® are added and will bind to the antibody-labeled cells during a short incubation. The bead-bound cells are quickly separated on a magnet and discarded. The remaining negatively isolated human monocytes can be directly analyzed in a flow cytometer and used in any application.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Capacity: Processes ~1x10^9 cells⁄kit
Cell Type: Monocytes
Final Product: Cells
Form: Bead
Isolation Method: Negative Isolation
Number of Reactions: 20 Reactions
Output Viability: >96%
Product Line: DYNAL®,Dynabeads®,Untouched™
Product Size: 1 kit
Purity or Quality Grade: Research Grade
Sample Type (Specific): MNC
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Starting Material (Cell #): ~5x10^7 cells/test
Target Species: Human

Contents & storage

The Kit Contains:10 ml Depletion MyOne™ SA Dynabeads® and 2 ml Antibody Mix with biotinylated monoclonal antibodies towards human CD3, CD7, CD16 (a and b), CD19, CD56, CD123 and CD235a (Glycophorin A).

Storage Conditions: 2°C to 8°C. Do not freeze.