Dynabeads™ Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28 for T-Cell Expansion and Activation

Catalog number:  11452D

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Cell Isolation & Expansion

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Dynabeads® Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28 is for the activation and expansion of mouse T-cells for research purposes.

With Dynabeads® Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28 you get:

• Activation of T-cells without the need of feeder cells
• Activated cells that retain in vivo-like function
• Maximal reproducibility without contamination by soluble antibodies or mitogens
• From 100- to 1000-fold T-cell expansion

How Dynabeads® Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28 works:
Dynabeads® Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28 offers a simple method for activation and expansion of T-cells that does not require feeder cells (antigen-presenting cells) or antigen. The 4.5 µm diameter, inert, superparamagnetic beads are similar in size to antigen-presenting cells, and are covalently coupled to anti-CD3 and anti-CD28 antibodies. These two antibodies provide primary and co-stimulatory signals, optimized for efficient T-cell activation and expansion. Expansion of the T-cell population can be stimulated using recombinant IL-2, and after activation or expansion, the magnetic beads can be easily removed using a DynaMag™ magnet.

For expansion of antigen specific T-cells from T-cell clones or T-cell lines, we recommend using Dynabeads® Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28/CD137.

Starting samples
Start with single cell suspensions from spleen or lymph nodes, mononuclear cells (MNCs), whole blood, or T-cell subsets including CD3+ T cells, CD4+ or CD8+ T cells, or regulatory T cells. Get an overview of the different Dynabeads® available for cell isolation.

Downstream applications
The activated T-cells can be analyzed shortly after activation (for transfection/transduction or to study TCR signaling, proteomics, gene expression, etc.). T-cells can be left in culture to differentiate into T helper cell subsets or expansion of polyclonal/antigen-specific T cells.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type: T Cells (Whole Population)
Clonality: Monoclonal
Final Product Type: Cells
Product Line: DYNAL™, Dynabeads™
Purity or Quality Grade: Research Grade
Reactivity: Mouse
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
Target Species: Mouse
Quantity: 2 mL
Sample Type: Cell Cultures, Lymph Node, Spleen

Contents & storage

Dynabeads™ Mouse T-Activator CD3/CD28 are supplied as a suspension containing 4 × 107 Dynabeads™/ml in phosphate buffered saline (PBS), pH 7.4, with 0.1% human serum albumin (HSA). Store at: 2-8°C.