Thermo Scientific™

Model 1150 Dual Reactor

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Reliably remove carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons from filtered ambient air using two reactors in series, providing efficient catalytic conversion of CO and HC to CO2 and H2O at ∽350°C with the Thermo Scientific™ Model 1150 Dual Reactor.
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When utilized for carbon monoxide removal in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific Model 48i Carbon Monoxide Analyzer, the air from a compressor that passes through the Model 1150 Dual Reactor can be used for dilution or zero air. When utilized for hydrocarbon, methane and non-methanes removal in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific Model 51i Analyzer or 55i Analyzer, the air can be utilized as make-up air or zero air. A 0-100 PSIG regulator and pressure gauge are also provided to reduce the output pressure to a desired flow and pressure rate.