Thermo Scientific™

Gauges for Hot Strip Mills

Improve operations, increase mill throughput and take preemptive corrective action with real time process control data from Thermo Scientific™ Gauges for Hot Strip Mills. Hot rolling mills need reliable, repeatable process control data to identify operating issues, ensure product uniformity and increase output. We offer two solutions for complete quality control of hot strip mills. The Thermo Scientific™ RM 215 HM X-ray Thickness Gauging System is a flexible, robust platform for manual, automatic gauge control or adaptive control of the mill. The Thermo Scientific™ SIPRO Simultaneous Profile Gauge measures centerline and transverse thickness, temperature, profile, width, edge drop and shape of a steel strip at the exit of a hot rolling mill.
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Thermo Scientific Gauges for Hot Strip Mills include the following products:

Thermo Scientific RM 215 HM X-ray Thickness Gauging System

  • C-frame and sensors are specifically designed for the high temperature, invasive humidity and harsh environment of hot rolling mills

  • Temperature and alloy compensation facilities ensure accurate measurements for stainless steels, HSLA and other alloyed products

  • Temperature tables are applied where necessary to compensate for the changing density of the material as its temperature changes

Thermo Scientific SIPRO Simultaneous Profile Gauge

  • Provides 100% characterization of the material throughout the entire length of the product with the fastest profile update rate

  • High-speed, accurate dimensional measurements allow for in-bar correction of off-gauge product, resulting in raw materials savings and mill optimization

  • Built with a robust stainless steel frame. Water cooled jackets on all strip facing surfaces protect sensor components from heat, steam and other challenges that exist in the hot rolling environment

  • Provides high cross-strip measurement resolution and proprietary algorithms to calculate strip flatness, head to tail and strip edge to strip edge