The Pascal Porosimeters use mercury as intrusion liquid. Mercury is not supplied by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Mercury is a hazardous material thus should be handled with the same care that any other hazardous laboratory chemical is given. It is strongly recommended to check and conform to specific regulations and recommendations for the use of mercury for each country.
Thermo Scientific™

Pascal Mercury Porosimeters

Investigate the porous structure of solid samples quantitatively with mercury porosimetry analysis. Thermo Scientific™ Pascal Mercury Porosimeters provide reliable information about pore size/volume distribution, particle size distribution, bulk (envelope) density and specific surface for most porous solids using Pressurization by Automatic Speed-up and Continuous Adjustment Logic, Pascal.
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Pascal Mercury Porosimeters incorporate the P.A.S.C.A.L. method for pressurization that allows the fastest speed of analysis combined with highest accuracy. The pressurization system exploits a specifically designed reversible pump and a new type of pressure multiplier featuring unmatched small dimension. This combination and the P.A.S.C.A.L. approach provide high precision experiments assuring that the pressure data (from which the pore size is calculated) are perfectly equilibrated with the intruded mercury amount (from which the pore volume is measured). The P.A.S.C.A.L. approach is fully automated thus no prior knowledge of the material is required.
  • P.A.S.C.A.L. method of pressurization (Pressurization by Automatic Speedup and Continuous Adjustment Logic) combines the stepwise and intrusion rate equilibrated modes
  • Proprietary algorithm cuts off dead times during the analysis improving the experiments throughput (saves run time compared to other methods).
  • Pascal porosimeters can work in continuous scanning mode.
  • Pascal porosimeters provide extremely high resolution curves with up to 2500 experimental points in each pressure range (up to 4000 points for a complete porosity spectrum) showing a volume resolution of 0.1μL.
  • Pascal porosimeters are modular, with a choice of pressure ranges up to 0.4, 200 and 400MPa (or a combination of them).
  • Pascal porosimeters are bench top, with small footprints.
  • Pascal porosimeters come with comprehensive online control software featuring real-time display of intruded volume and/or pressure in function of time.
  • Data versus time can be exported in a text file for further reprocessing (i.e. kinetic studies).
  • Features include data reduction with real blank correction, compressibility correction, pore and particle size determination (Mayer-Stowe), span evaluation, fractal dimension, tortuosity, permeability and frost resistance factors, graph overlay and comparative results tables among several experiments.
  • Each Pascal unit offers easy and customizable reporting and full data export compatible with most common spreadsheets.