Alert: Surfer needs liquid coolants (like liquid nitrogen or argon). Liquid coolants are not supplied by Thermo Fisher Scientific. Before using liquid nitrogen, read the indications of hazard and the instructions reported in the safety sheet by the supplier with reference to the CAS number (Chemical Abstract Service) 7727-37-9.

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Specific surface area and pore volume — pore size distributions are important parameters for the characterization of porous materials as they are directly related to their capacity to react with or dissolve in other substances. Surfer is suitable for any application requiring the characterization of very small pore size, in the range of meso and micro pores. Most common applications are relevant to adsorbent substances like activated carbon and zeolites, but also any type of sample where it is necessary to know the specific surface area and pore dimensions (like alumina, silica, metal supported catalysts, pigments, pharmaceutical powders, etc.). 

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