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Pycnomatic ATC

Take advantage of the Pycnomatic ATC, featuring a built in multi-volume capability to match the widest number of applications with best accuracy and repeatability. In volumetric apparatuses the reliability in measuring density is also related to the available amount of sample. Depending on the material, user can choose up to five different volume configurations with the Pycnomatic, ranging from 4 to 100 nominal cc capacity sample cells. In addition, up to three different calibrated reference volumes are automatically selected to provide the best accuracy according to the sample volume in use. Pycnomatic is suitable to test any type of powder or solid like cements, pharmaceuticals, soils and rocks, polymers and foams,ceramics and pigments.

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  • Unrivalled system stability thanks to a powerful built-in Peltier element
  • Pycnomatic offers extremely precise temperature control (on both reference and sample chambers) avoiding volume changes that can occur due to room temperature fluctuations during the test
  • Besides ensuring accurate and reproducible results, Pycnomatic avoids the need of continuous system re-calibrations if precision is needed. The analysis temperature can be selected by the user between 18.00 and 35.00°C, with a temperature stability of ± 0.01°C
  • Multiple sample chambers and reference volumes offer flexibility and accuracy, regardless of the available quantity of material to test. Volumes can be easily changed by the user from 4 to 100cc without any need of service intervention while the reference volume chambers are selected automatically and accordingly
  • Pycnomatic mounts an absolute piezo-resistive pressure transducer, providing utmost stability as the equilibrium pressures in the reference and sample chambers are measured independently from atmospheric pressure variations
  • Pycnomatic is designed to test fine powders safely as venting the system to atmospheric pressure can be done through a specific restriction valve to eliminate any risk of sample elutriation due to fast pressure drops
  • Pycnomatic can be operated through an alpha-numeric keypad with a large functional back lighted display
  • Repeated analysis data can be stored automatically on a computer by the dedicated Windows™ based software
  • Sample drying and system purge procedures can be done by flow and/or by pulses of the measurement gas 
  • An optional vacuum pump can be also connected to the Pycnomatic vent port to provide more flexibility in sample preparation and to speed up the system conditioning
  • Sample cell and reference volumes can be easily separated from the electronics, allowing the unit to be installed in a glove box for use with low irradiated samples
  • Foams and compressible samples can be safely analyzed because the measuring gas is firstly loaded into the reference chamber (high pressure), then expanded into the sample chamber (low pressure), avoiding in this way the material shrinkage
  • Three sample chamber volumes and cups of 20, 40 and 80cc
  • Absolute pressure transducer
  • Integrated Peltier device for temperature control with three temperature sensors
  • Connection cables, tubing, fittings and spare o’ring
  • Software and instruction manuals
  • Calibration kit made of three certified stainles ssteel spheres
  • Extra large chamber volume and cup 100cc
  • Extra small chamber volume and cup 4cc with the relevant calibration sphere
  • Diaphragm dry vacuum pump


Manuals & protocols