Thermo Scientific™

Spray Chamber Accessory

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Improve your analysis by matching the Thermo Scientific™ Spray Chamber to your analysis requirements when using the advanced Thermo Scientific™ ELEMENT™ Series HR-ICP-MS system.

pHR-ICP-MS Spray Chambers are available in quartz or PFA, double-pass or cyclonic or even dedicated solely to the high precision measurement of isotope rations so you can tailor your spray chamber accessory to your chosen analyte precisely.

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Enhance Analysis with Tailored Accessories

Select the right Spray Chamber for your analysis:

  • Spray chamber for high precision measurements (isotope ratios); recommended for use with PFA nebulizers of 100µl/min uptake rate
  • Quartz double pass spray chamber for Peltier Device; a multipurpose spray chamber for high-flow nebulizers
  • Quartz spray chamber; a multipurpose spray chamber for high-flow nebulizers
  • Quartz Cyclonic spray chamber (Twinnabar); a multipurpose spray chamber for nebulizer flow rates up to 400µl/min, with excellent washout characteristics and matrix tolerance. Recommended for use with the MicroMist Nebulizer 200µl/min
  • PFA spray chamber (HF resistant); for use with the Peltier Cooler and with PFA nebulizers. Fits to the 1.8mm I.D. HF resistant torch injectors in sapphire and platinum