DynaMag™-96 Side Skirted Magnet

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The DynaMag™-96 Side Skirted magnet is optimized to pull all types of Dynabeads® (range 1–4.5 µm in diameter) to the sides in multi-well plates. The magnet features 6 bar magnets and is compatible with most 96-well skirted PCR-plates, culture plates, 96-well round bottom plates, 96-well flat bottom plates, 24-well plates, 12-well plates, and 6-well plates (not recommended for use with 48-well plates). Working volume per well (5–200 µL). Note that plates may vary, and you should test your plate for compatibility.

Efficient mixing without sample handling
Mixing can be performed by shifting the 96-well plate back and forth from the right-most position to the left-most position.This shifting draws the beads back and forth through the sample and allows mixing to be achieved without handling, promoting faster processing and less sample handing-induced variation.

Handling volume
When used in combination with the DynaMag™-96 Bottom magnet on an automation platform, the two magnets allow for significant volume changes through a workflow.
• High wash volumes: DynaMag™-96 Side magnet and DynaMag™-96 Side Skirted magnet
• Low elution volumes: DynaMag™-96 Bottom magnet

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: DYNAL™, Dynabeads™, MPC™
Shipping Condition: Room Temperature
For Use With (Equipment): DynaMag™

Contents & storage

Contains one magnet. Store at room temperature.