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PureLink™ RNA Micro Scale Kit

Catalog number: 12183016

PureLink™ RNA Micro Scale Kit

Catalog number: 12183016
Catalog Number
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50 Preps
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1218301650 Preps
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The PureLink™ RNA Micro Scale Kit provides rapid purification and concentration of total RNA from a variety of samples (e.g., LCM tissues, fine needle aspirates, and FACS-sorted cells). RNA purification using the PureLink™ RNA Micro Scale Kit is:

Effective—expect excellent RNA recovery (up to 100 μg total RNA) from small samples
Convenient and safe—the extraction procedure uses no phenol/chloroform, CsCl gradients, or precipitation with either LiCl or ethanol
Fast—obtain high-quality total RNA, typically in just 15 minutes
Reliable—obtain ready-to-use RNA suitable for any downstream application

A simple and reliable technology for everyday RNA purification
PureLink™ technology combines guanidine-isothiocyanate lysis with the speed, purity, and ease-of-use of silica-membrane purification. The safe and easy procedure can be completed in typically less than 15 minutes with >85% recovery from the first elution. The kit can be used for clean-up of purified RNA from enzymatic reactions, desalting of RNA samples after phenol extraction or ethanol precipitation, and concentration of RNA. Purify RNA from up to 10 mg of tissue or 105 cells. Clean up and concentrate RNA amounts ranging from pg to 100 μg in volumes as small as 10 μL. Purified RNA is ready for use in downstream applications such as RT-PCR, qRT-PCR, northern blots, cDNA library construction, and nuclease protection assays.

A simple and rapid procedure
Homogenize your sample in lysis buffer, add 70% ethanol, and mix. Deposit the resulting solution into a PureLink™ Micro kit column with collection tube, and centrifuge for one minute. Nucleic acids bind to the PureLink™ silica membrane in the column, and after subsequent washes and on-column digestion with DNase, purified RNA can be eluted with RNase-free water.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Isolation Technology
Silica Spin Column
Purification Time
15 min. (After sample homogenization)
Elution Volume
12–22 μL
Sample Type
Cells, Tissue, Laser Capture Microdissection (LCM), Enzymatic Reactions
Final Product Type
Total RNA
High-throughput Compatibility
Not High-throughput Compatible (Manual)
For Use With (Application)
RT-PCR, qPCR, cDNA Library Construction, NGS, Microarray Analysis, Blot Hybridization, Northern Blotting, In Vitro Translation, Nuclease Protection Assays, Nucleic Acid Labeling
50 Preps
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Starting Material Amount
Cells: ≤105
Tissue: ≤5 mg
Enzymatic Reactions: ≤1.2 mL
Up to 17 μg

Contents & Storage

Box 1 (PureLink™ RNA Micro Kit):
• Lysis Buffer, 125 mL
• Wash Buffer I, 50 mL
• Wash Buffer II, 15 mL
• RNase-free Water, 15.5 mL
• PureLink™ Micro Kit Columns with collection tubes, 50 each
• Collection Tubes, 50 each
• Recovery Tubes, 50 each

Box 2 (PureLink™ DNase/Carrier RNA):
• Lyophilized PureLink™ DNase, 1500 Units
• PureLink™ On-Column DNase 2X Buffer, 1 mL
• RNase-free Water, 1 mL
• Lyophilized PureLink™ Carrier RNA, 300 μg

Store all components of Box 2 at 4°C. Store remaining components at room temperature.


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