Upgraded! Try Invitrogen™ Platinum™ SuperFi™ II DNA Polymerase, which offers >300x Taq fidelity and requires no primer annealing calculation. Its innovative buffer enables universal primer annealing at 60°C and co-cycling of multiple targets.

Platinum™ SuperFi™ DNA Polymerase

Catalog number:  12351010

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Invitrogen™ Platinum™ SuperFi™ DNA Polymerase is a proofreading DNA polymerase that combines superior fidelity with trusted Platinum™ hot-start technology for the highest success in PCR. Featuring >300X Taq fidelity, Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase is ideally suited for cloning, mutagenesis, and other applications benefiting from supreme sequence accuracy.

Benefits of Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase include:
• Exceptional >300X Taq fidelity
• High specificity and increased yields with Platinum hot-start technology
• Robust amplification of difficult-to-amplify targets including those of sub-optimal purity or with ˃65% GC content
• Convenient workflow with room temperature reaction setup and 24 h bench top stability of pre-assembled reactions

Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase is engineered with a DNA-binding domain resulting in high processivity and increased resistance to PCR inhibitors. This feature also enables fast-cycling protocols and amplification of long targets. The Platinum hot-start technology is based on proprietary antibodies that inhibit enzyme activity until the initial PCR denaturation step, preventing non-specific amplification and primer degradation.

Applications of Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase

• High-fidelity PCR
• Cloning and sub-cloning
• Site-directed mutagenesis
• Amplification of GC-rich templates
• Template generation for sequencing
• High-throughput PCR
• Amplification of samples with suboptimal purity
• Long PCR
• Fast PCR

Using Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase
Annealing rules for Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase are different from many common DNA polymerases (such as Taq DNA polymerases). For optimal results, use the Tm calculator on our website: www.thermofisher.com/tmcalculator.

Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase is supplied with a separate vial of SuperFi™ GC Enhancer designed for difficult and GC-rich templates (˃65% GC).

Platinum hot-start technology efficiently inhibits DNA polymerase activity at ambient temperatures, allowing convenient reaction setup at room temperature. In addition, pre-assembled PCR reactions may be stored at room temperature for up to 24h prior to the PCR.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Fidelity (vs. Taq): 300 X
Hot Start: Built-In Hot Start
Product Line: Platinum™, SuperFi™
Shipping Condition: Approved for shipment on Wet or Dry Ice
GC-Rich PCR Performance: High
Polymerase: Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase
Quantity: 100 Unit(s)
Reaction Format: Separate Components
Reaction Speed: Fast
Overhang: Blunt

Contents & storage

• 50 µL Platinum SuperFi DNA Polymerase (2U/µL)
• 2 x 1.25 mL SuperFi Buffer (5X)
• 1.25 mL SuperFi GC Enhancer (5X)

Store at -5 to -30°C.