GeneBLAzer™ C-terminal Gateway™ Fusion Kit, for in vivo detection

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The GeneBLAzer™ C-terminal Gateway® Fusion Kit contains the Gateway®-adapted destination
vector, pcDNA™6.2⁄cGeneBLAzer™-DEST, designed for use with the GeneBLAzer™ Technology. The
pcDNA™6.2⁄cGeneBLAzer™-DEST vector enables easy fusing of any gene to a mammalian-optimized b-lactamase gene, bla, and facilitates in vivo or in vitro detection of β-lactamase reporter activity in mammalian cells using a
unique fluorescent substrate. Use of the GeneBLAzer™ Technology provides a
highly sensitive and accurate method to quantitate gene expression in
mammalian cells. The vector contains the following elements:
• Human cytomegalovirus immediate-early (CMV) promoter⁄enhancer for
high-level expression in a wide range of mammalian cells
• β-lactamase bla(M) reporter gene for C-terminal fusion to the gene of interest
• Two recombination sites, attR1 and attR2, downstream of the CMV promoter
for recombinational cloning of the gene of interest from an entry clone
• Chloramphenicol resistance gene located between the two attR sites for
• The ccdB gene located between the two attR sites for negative selection
• The Herpes Simplex Virus thymidine kinase polyadenylation signal for
proper termination and processing of the recombinant transcript
• f1 intergenic region for production of single-strand DNA in F plasmidcontaining
E. coli
• SV40 early promoter and origin for expression of the Blasticidin resistance
gene and stable propagation of the plasmid in mammalian hosts expressing
the SV40 large T antigen
• Blasticidin resistance gene for selection of stable cell lines
• The pUC origin for high copy replication and maintenance of the plasmid in
E. coli
• The ampicillin resistance gene for selection in E. coli
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Promoter: CMV
Key Function: Reporter Assays
Protein Tag or Fusion: BLA (Beta-Lactamase)
Reporter: BLA (Beta-Lactamase)
Delivery Method: Transfection
Cloning Method: Gateway®
Selection Agent (Eukaryotic): Blasticidin
Vector Type: GeneBLAzer Vectors
Constitutive or Inducible System: Constitutive
Product Line: GeneBLAzer®
Product Size: 1 kit

Contents & storage

GeneBLAzer® C-terminal Gateway® Fusion Kit contains 6 µg of pcDNA™6.2⁄cGeneBLAzer™-DEST vector and 10 µg of an expression control. Store these vectors at -20°C. In vivo detection kit contains 50 µg of CCF2-AM substrate (enough for 375 96-well reactions). Substrate should be stored at -20°C, dessicated, and protected from light. All reagents are guaranteed stable 6 months when properly stored.


Manuals & protocols

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