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Injectors for iCAP™ Q/Qnova Series ICP-MS Systems

Injectors for iCAP™ Q/Qnova Series ICP-MS Systems
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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Choose from this range of reliable, screw-in, self-aligning Thermo Scientific™ Injectors, with differing internal diameters and materials, to match your sample matrices and analytical needs.

The Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Q/Qnova Series ICP-MS systems come standard with a 2.5 mm internal diameter, quartz injector. All our Injectors are easily removable for improved robustness and reduced maintenance requirements.
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Choose high quality consumables to improve performance
  • Quartz injector (1.0mm ID) for organic solvents
  • Quartz injector (2.0mm ID)
  • Quartz injector (2.5mm ID)
  • Sapphire Injector (2.0mm ID)
  • Platinum Injector for ultra high purity analysis of semiconductor process chemicals
  • 2-legged injector (GC or Laser Compatible)