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Collision Cell Technology Upgrade Kit

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Industrial Mass Spectrometry

Advance your Thermo Scientific™ iCAP™ Qa ICP-MS instrument performance as your laboratory requirements progress.

With this Thermo Scientific™ Collision Cell Technology Upgrade Kit, the Thermo Scientific™ QCell ion guide can be upgraded in the field, to provide full reaction and collision cell capabilities for your iCAP Qa ICP-MS system. Take advantage of the He kinetic energy discrimination (KED) collision cell capabilities, for clearer ICP-MS spectra and better detection power for interfered isotopes in all sample types.

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Upgrade Performance In-Field for Maximum Convenience


  • Full KED collision cell and CCT reaction cell capabilities are standard on the iCAP Qc and iCAP Qs ICP-MS models. With this field upgrade kit, the iCAP Qa ICP-MS system can provide the same proprietary QCell performance and your instrument never needs to move off-site.
  • The QCell is an advanced flatapole technology, combining proven He KED interference reduction capability, with unique low mass cut-off ability, for ultra reliable cell-based analyses.