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Noncontact Coating Weight Gauges for Metallic and Coil Coating Lines

Metal manufactures must precisely gauge the coatings applied to their materials to prevent product defects such as rust. Thermo Scientific™ Coating Weight Gauges provide fast, accurate non-contact coating weight measurement of metal coatings applied to flat sheet galvanneal products to ensure coating uniformity and product quality. Using well-established X-ray fluorescence (XRF) and near-infrared (NIR) techniques, Thermo Scientific Coating Weight Gauges provide proven sensor technology configurable for nearly every type of metal coated product without costly, lengthy chemical analysis. 

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Thermo Scientific Gauges for Coating Lines include the following products:

Thermo Scientific™ RM 315 EC Cold Coating Weight Gauge

  • Unique sensor design provides both total zinc coating weight and percent iron content measurements on the difficult-to-measure galvanneal coated sheet.
  • Used for hot dip galvanizing lines.
  • Can be upgraded with the Thermo Scientific™ RM 400 EZ Coating Weight Autocontrol System for significant material savings and optimizing coating line efficiency.
  • Compact design of the measuring heads includes X-ray source, detectors and HV-power supply.

Thermo Scientific™ RM 310 EC Coating Weight Gauge

  • Installed after the cooling tower on galvanizing lines in the COLD position.
  • Can be paired with the Thermo Scientific™ RM 310 EH “hot” position gauges and with the RM 400 EZ coating weight autocontrol system to build one comprehensive quality control system.
  • Isotope (gamma) or X-ray sources are available.
  • Gauges are controlled centrally via one operator station.

Thermo Scientific™ RM 310 EH Hot Coating Weight Gauges

  • “Hot” coating weight gauges designed for hot dip galvanized lines.
  • Can be coupled with the coating weight gauge COLD position and with the RM 400 EZ coating control package to build one comprehensive system.
  • Isotope (gamma) and X-ray sources are available.
  • Reduces the dead time between the actuator and measurement, resulting in raw material savings and a reduction in scrap.

Thermo Scientific™ RM 115 Laboratory Coating Weight Gauge

  • Provides reliable and accurate online coating weight gauging performance in an offline system.
  • New product calibrations can be developed offline then transferred to the online system, minimizing production downtime.
  • Sample size, measuring spot and measurement geometry are adapted to the conditions of the on-line gauges.
  • The scanning feature allows for precise measurement of the topology of the metal coating over the surface of the inserted sample.

Thermo Scientific RM 400 EZ Coating Weight Control System

  • Used with the RM 310 EC / RM 315 EC gauges.
  • Adjusts the air knife settings to result in a more uniform coating across the strip.

Thermo Scientific™ PROSIS™ Coating Thickness Sensor

  • Measures coating thickness for thin and ultra-thin coatings on metal sheet using the full near-infrared spectrum.
  • PROSIS measuring heads are a compact design.
  • Calibration/Laboratory gauge can be supplied for off-line measurement of new paint compositions to adjust the online coating weight gauge. Additionally, actual production data can be recorded for off-line analysis and calibration using post production data.
  • Recommended for paint, primer, oil, passivation, anti-fingerprint and other types of organic coatings applied to steel, galvanized steel and aluminum substrates.

Thermo Scientific RM 300 EL Coating Weight Gauge

  • Determines the coating weight of the material by monitoring changes in the intensity of the backscattered radiation.
  • Typical applications include: paint (e.g., PA, PET, PVDC), primer and organic coatings applied to steel, galvanized steel and aluminum; weldable primer coatings with zinc particles; thin coatings.
  • Available with an explosion proof sensor design capable of providing a wet measurement directly in the paint room.

Thermo Scientific™ RM 300 EC Coating Weight Gauge and Thermo Scientific™ RM 300 EH Hot Coating Weight Gauge have been discontinued. Any future inquiries for the RM 300 EC or RM 300 EH will be provided with proposals for the RM 310 EC or RM 310 EH, which are designed for the same application. Service and spare parts for these products will continue until March 2019. If you have any service needs, please contact service using the link above.

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