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Dynabeads™ M-450 Epoxy

Catalog number: 14011

Dynabeads™ M-450 Epoxy

Catalog number: 14011
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Product Overview
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Additional Information
Dynabeads™ M-450 Epoxy beads are ideal for custom cell-isolation protocols upstream of molecular applications. Purified antibodies can be used in conjunction with these beads to create a magnetic cell separation media with the good antibody orientation.

Ideal for Cell Separation when you have a custom antibody:
Low background and covalent linking of antibodies to the bead surface make these beads an excellent choice for cell separation applications when a downstream release from the beads is not required.

Ultra rapid protocols:

Quickly isolate targeted cell populations upstream of molecular analyses

• Excellent for cell isolation procedures that require custom antibodies
• Couple different custom antibodies to different beads to select specific subpopulations of cells

Not recommended for Immunoprecipitation (IP):
These 4.5 micron beads are not recommended for IP as they have a lower surface capacity per unit mass when compared to 1 μm and 2.8 μm Tosylactivated and Epoxy coated Dynabeads™. Use rather Dynabeads Protein A (10001D, 10002D), Dynabeads Protein G (10003D, 10004D) or one of the Dynabeads Immunoprecipitation Kits (10006D, 10007D)

Coupling procedure outline:
Any purified antibody can be covalently coupled to the bead surface in a easy-to-perform overnight reaction. Simply incubate the antibody you wish to use for your cell isolation procedure with these 4.5 μm Dynabeads™. Optimal coupling occurs at high pH (8.5-9.5) and at 37°C. For pH labile antibodies, coupling can be performed in an alternative buffer at pH 7.4.

About Dynabeads™:
Dynabeads™ are non-porous monodisperse superparamagnetic beads. They are highly mobile in solution enabling antibodies coupled to the beads to continuously interact with the cell suspension. These 4.5 μm superparamagnetic beads experience a strong pull when placed in a magnetic field and gently pull targeted cells to the tube walls when the tube is transferred to a rack containing a strong magnetic field. With the beads and attached cells concentrated at the tube wall the supernatant liquid containing non-targeted cells is easily and quickly decanted or pipetted away. Washing steps are performed similarly.

Bead Characteristics for Dynabeads™ M-450 Epoxy:
• Coated in glycidyl ether (Epoxy) groups
• Hydrophobic, pH Neutral
• Covalent binding by primary amine (NH2) or sulphydryl (SH) groups
• Large bead 4.5 μm bead size is ideal for cellular isolations
• Large bead 4.5 μm bead size not recommended for IP applications
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type
All cells from all species
Product Type
Epoxy Bead
Isolation Technology
Depletion, positive isolation for molecular applications
No. of Cells
Processes ∼2 x 109 cells total
Output Viability
Product Line
DYNAL™, Dynabeads™
Purity or Quality Grade
Research Grade
All species
Sample Type
PBMC, Tissue Digests, Blood
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Starting Material Cell No.
1 x 107 cells per isolation
Target Species
All species
Diameter (Metric)
4.5 μm

Contents & Storage

Store at 2°C to 8°C.


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