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Dynabeads™ M-450 Tosylactivated

Catalog number: 14013

Dynabeads™ M-450 Tosylactivated

Catalog number: 14013
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5 mL
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Price: 1,046.00
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140135 mL
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Product Overview
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Dynabeads™ M-450 Tosylactivated are 4.5 μm superparamagnetic beads containing surface tosyl groups. The beads covalently bind primary amino and sulfhydryl groups in antibodies to position them in the optimal orientation for cell-surface protein binding. Low background and covalent binding of the antibodies make these beads an excellent choice for cell separation applications when a downstream release from the beads is not required.

• Quickly deplete cells or positively isolate target cells for downstream molecular analysis
• Excellent for cell isolation procedures using your own unique antibody
• Several antibodies can be coupled on the same beads for non-cell-based applications, such as cell activation

Coupling procedure
Covalent coupling is performed overnight by incubating the antibody of choice with the Dynabeads™ M-450 Tosylactivated beads. Optimal coupling occurs at high pH (8.5–9.5) and at 37°C. For pH-labile antibodies, coupling can be performed in an alternative buffer at pH 7.4.

Not recommended for immunoprecipitation (IP)
These 4.5 μm Tosylactivated beads are not recommended for IP as they have a lower surface capacity per unit mass when compared to 1 μm and 2.8 μm Tosylactivated and Epoxy Dynabeads™.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Cell Type
All cells from all species
Product Type
Tosylactivated Bead
Isolation Technology
Depletion, positive isolation for molecular applications
No. of Cells
Processes ∼2 x 109 cells total
Output Viability
Product Line
DYNAL™, Dynabeads™
Purity or Quality Grade
Research Grade
All species
Sample Type
PBMC, Tissue Digests, Blood
Shipping Condition
Room Temperature
Starting Material Cell No.
1 x 107 cells per isolation
Target Species
All species
Diameter (Metric)
4.5 μm

Contents & Storage

Contains: 5 mL beads at a concentration of 4 x 108 beads/mL in distilled water.
Storage: 2°C to 8°C.


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