Nunc™ Polycarbonate Cell Culture Inserts in Multi-Well Plates

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Made with cell culture-treated polycarbonate porous membrane, the Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Cell Culture Inserts provide a more biologically relevant and versatile platform for cell biology research. Available with 3 different pore sizes and pre-packed in Nunclon™ Delta-treated multi-well plates.

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  • Tissue culture-treated porous membrane for optimized cell attachment
  • Three pore sizes: 0.4, 3, and 8 micron
  • Pre-packed in sterile Nunclon™ Delta-treated multi-well plates
  • Nontoxic and nonpyrogenic


  • Tumor migration and invasion assays
  • Epithelial (e.g. Caco-2) and endothelial (e.g. brain microvascular endothelial cells) barriers assays
  • Dermal/epidermal and epithelial tissue models (e.g. artificial skin model)
  • Chemotaxis studies
  • Co-culture

Warranty: 90 days


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