Thermo Scientific™

Caps for Nunclon™ Delta Flasks

Protect your valuable cell culture samples. These caps for Thermo Scientific™ Nunclon™ Delta Flasks are offered in two styles—vent/close (solid) and filter—to meet your application needs.
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Vent/close Caps
  • EasY Flask vent/close caps feature a "Y" mark that allows visual verification
  • Vent position easily distinguised even what flasks are stacked in incubators
Filter Caps
  • Filter membrane provides effective barrier against microorganisms
  • Well-defined, hydrophobic filter membrane offers continuous venting with consistent gas exchange and no lot-to-lot variation
  • Chemically robust membrane meets USP class VI standards and is produced without animal-derived substances
  • Sterilized by gamma irradiation and certified to be nonpyrogenic
Ordering Information:
  • Case of 100
Warranty: 90 days
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