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Radiation Detection Measurement

The Thermo Scientific™ state-of-the-art Research Reactor Control Consoles include all of the hardwired safety systems, alarm panel, rod drive motors, rod control and manual scram switch. We also supply individual neutron flux monitoring safety and control channels, flux controllers, coincidence actuation logic modules and other parts of the protection system.
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We offer a Thermo Scientific Wide Range Logarithmic Nuclear Instrumentation Channel that provides monitoring of neutron flux over greater than ten decades of operation from cold shutdown to 200% full power. This channel is available in four different configurations, differing in the number of front panel displays. The five-display model (TR-10-5) provides Source and Wide Range levels and periods and a Power Range level. The four-display model (TR-10-4) provides Source and Wide Range levels and periods. The three-display model (TR-10-3) provides Wide Range level and period and a Power Range level.

Power Range Monitor (TR-20)

  • TR-10M model: NIM-mounted; provides Wide Range level and period; can use either guarded or unguarded Fission Chamber detectors
  • TR-20M Modular Power Range Monitor: NIM-mounted; provides high voltage for either a gamma ion chamber or an uncompensated ion chamber and accepts the input current signal for processing of the linear Power Range level of the reactor from 0 to 125 (or 150) percent full power
  • TR-20MP Modular Pulsing Power Range Monitor: NIM-mounted; measures both steady-state reactor power and power achieved during a reactor pulse (peak power and energy released) for those reactors with pulsing capabilities

Log & Linear Power Monitor (TR-30)

  • Measures neutron flux covering up to 8 decades from 10-6 to 125% of full rated power
  • Signal processor processes input current from detector using both logarithmic and linear amplifiers
  • Available with logarithmic output over 8 decades, from 10-6 to 100% of full rated power, or over 6 decades, from 10-12 to 10-6Â Amps of power
  • Linear amplifier provides a linear output from 0-125% of full rated power
  • Rate of change of logarithmic output provides an indication of the reactor period over the entire range of neutron flux monitoring
  • Signal covers the range of -30 to +3 seconds (other scales such as percent/second or decades/minute available)

Wide Range Linear Monitor (TR-40)

  • Multi-ranging linear channel with signal processor monitors reactor power over 9 decades on a linear scale
  • Also designed for use with a Flux Controller (TR-40F) that provides the necessary interface between a Power Demand Potentiometer, the Wide Range Linear Power measurement, and a Motor Control unit for precise control of reactor power level through the regulating control rod
  • Can automatically change ranges or be controlled manually by the operator
  • Can also be controlled locally from front panel (if mounted within reach of the operator) or operated remotely

Modular Source Range Monitor (TR-60M)

  • Provided in a standard NIM enclosure
  • High Voltage to operate fission chamber (unguarded or guarded) or BF-3 proportional counter
  • Low Voltage supply for signal-processing electronics
  • Preamplifier and discriminator circuit processes signal from neutron detector; pulses are passed to a Log Count Rate circuit that develops a 0-10V signal to represent a power level of 0.1 to 105Â CPS
  • Rate of power level change analyzed and Period is measured from -30 to +3 seconds (corresponding to 0-10V)