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Pierce™ Streptavidin Coated Plates, Black, 96-Well

Catalog number:  15119

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Protein Assays and Analysis

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Streptavidin Coated Plates, Black, 96-Well are pre-blocked and ready-to-use polystyrene 96-well plates for binding biotinylated antibodies or probes for ELISA and other target-specific assays.

Features of Streptavidin Coated Plates, Black, 96-Well:

• Easy and gentle immobilization of biotin-containing conjugates
• Low nonspecific binding
• No denaturing of the protein component of a conjugate upon binding
• Ideal for binding small biotinylated hydrophilic molecules (e.g., peptides) that typically exhibit poor binding to polystyrene
• Pre-blocked with your choice of Blocker BSA or SuperBlock Blocking Buffer

Thermo Scientific Pierce Streptavidin Coated Plates are available in 96-well and 384-well plate formats, pre-blocked with BSA or SuperBlock Blocking Buffers. Choose from clear, white and black plates for use with colorimetric (chromogenic), chemiluminescent and fluorescent detection methods, respectively.

Biotin-binding plates are ideal for applications when direct adsorption to polystyrene denatures antibodies or the target molecule. Streptavidin is the most popular and widely available biotin-binding protein for research methods. Streptavidin has an isoelectric point of 5 to 6, resulting in low nonspecific interactions.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Format: 96-well Plate
Product Line: Pierce™
Color: Black
Description: Black, 96-well plates, coated with 100uL of Streptavidin and blocked with 200uL of SuperBlock Blocking Buffer
Quantity: 5 Plates
Plate Blocking: SuperBlock™ Buffer
Detection Method: Fluorescent
Surface Treatment: Streptavidin
Binding Property: Standard Capacity, Affinity

Contents & storage

Upon receipt store plates at 4°C in unopened pouches. Once opened, place unused plates in a resealable bag with desiccant and store at 4°C. Plates are shipped at ambient temperature.