Thermo Scientific™

P 211 Neutron Generator

Related applications:

Radiation Detection Measurement

Thermo Scientific™ P 211 is designed so that zero neutrons are produced between pulses. Assures that no neutrons are produced between pulses, which is critical for applications measuring neutron die away from the neutron burst.

This product cannot in the foreseeable future be offered for sale due to obsolete components which cannot be obtained. Thermo Fisher Scientific is still able to support existing systems with replacement neutron tubes and most repairs.
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The features of P 211 are critical for applications that depend upon measuring the variations of neutron populations following the source burst. The P 211 neutron tube was originally designed by Sandia National Laboratories and incorporates the Sandia-designed “Zetatron” neutron tube.
  • Neutron die-away measurements
  • Pulses both accelerating voltage and ion source
  • No background between pulses
  • Analysis methods: Neutron die-away
  • Generator characteristics: Pulsed output (no background between pulses)
  • Primary elements detected: U, Pu
  • Pulse width: ∽10μsec

Recommended for:

  • Transuranic waste assay
  • Fissionable materials


Thermo is now the only manufacturer of the Zetatron neutron tube. Thermo supplies P 211 neutron generators as well as Zetatron neutron tubes to Sandia and other government and private users.