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Pierce™ Protein G Coated Plates, Clear, 8-Well Strip

Catalog number:  15133

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Protein Assays and Analysis

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Thermo Scientific Pierce Clear, Protein G Coated 8-Well Strip Plates provide an alternative to direct, passive adsorption methods for immobilizing antibodies for ELISA and other plate-based assay techniques.

Features of Protein G Coated Plates:

• Retain antibody activity, which can be lost when antibodies are immobilized by passive adsorption
• Orient antibodies for maximum antigen-binding capacity
• Immobilize antibodies for plate assays without prior purification
• Ensure minimal variation (<5% well-to-well) from consistent coating
• Reduce nonspecific binding because plates are pre-blocked with SuperBlock Blocking Buffer
• Bind 2 to 5 pmol of antibody per well (based on tests with rabbit IgG)

These plates are uniformly and stably coated with Protein G, and enable antibodies or pre-established antibody-antigen complexes to be captured to wells of the polystyrene plate for subsequent detection in plate readers. The strategy is useful for a variety of assay situations, but it is generally not suitable for sandwich-type ELISA.

Protein G Coated Microplates:
• Binds strongly to IgG from many species including human, mouse, rabbit, sheep and goat
• Binds only to IgG—no cross-reactivity with other antibody classes
• Binds to Fc region of antibodies for optimal orientation

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Product Line: Pierce™
Color: Clear
Plate Blocking: SuperBlock™ Buffer
Detection Method: Colorimetric
Type: Detection Plate, Immunoassay, ELISA
Surface Treatment: Protein G
Format: 96-well strip plate
Binding Property: Standard Capacity, Affinity

Contents & storage

Note: Plates are activated to 100 µL and supplied pre-blocked with Thermo Scientific SuperBlock Blocking Buffer. Use these plates for single-antibody assays only. In multiple antibody assays, such as sandwich ELISAs, the first antibody cannot block all binding sites and subsequent antibodies will bind to the plate, resulting in false positives.

Upon receipt store plates at 4°C in unopened pouches. Place opened, unused plates in a resealable bag and store desiccated at 4°C. Plates are shipped at ambient temperature.