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Pierce™ Maleimide Activated Plates, White, 96-Well

Catalog number:  15152

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Protein Assays and Analysis

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These Thermo Scientific Pierce Maleimide Activated White, 96-Well Plates are ideal for binding sulfhydryl-containing molecules that are difficult to coat onto polystyrene plates, such as peptides that contain a terminal cysteine. Our coated plates are an especially useful tool for assessing specific anti-hapten antibody titers during antibody production.

Features of Maleimide Activated White, 96-Well Plates:

• White, for chemiluminescent assays
• Pre-blocked to reduce nonspecific binding
• Easy (spontaneous) immobilization of peptides derivatized with a terminal cysteine and proteins with free sulfhydryl
• Binding Capacity: 100 to 150 pmol of a sulfhydryl-containing peptide (307 Da) per well
• Activation Level: 100 µL

Maleimides react with free sulfhydryl group(s) at pH of 6.5-7.5, forming stable thioether linkages. Reaction with amines becomes significant at pH > 7.5. Some sulfhydryl-containing peptides and proteins may oxidize in solution and form disulfide bonds, which cannot react with maleimides. Disulfide bonds can be reduced to produce free sulfhydryls. The TCEP Disulfide Reducing Gel enables peptide or protein reduction while recovering the sample in the absence of reducing agents. Sulfhydryls can be introduced via amine modification using N-succinimidyl S-acetylthioacetate (SATA) or 2-iminothiolane-HCl (Traut's Reagent).

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Format: 96-well plate
Product Line: Pierce™
Type: Detection Plate, Immunoassay, ELISA
Color: White
Description: Pierce Maleimide Activated Plates, White, 96-Well
Plate Blocking: Bovine Serum Albumin (BSA)
Detection Method: Chemiluminescent
Surface Treatment: Maleimide
Binding Property: Standard Capacity, Covalent

Contents & storage

Note: Plates are supplied pre-blocked with bovine serum albumin.
Upon receipt store plates at 4°C protected from moisture. Once opened, place unused plates in a resealable bag with desiccant and store at 4°C. Plates are shipped at ambient temperature.