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QuantaBlu™ Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate Kit

Catalog number: 15169
Thermo Scientific™

QuantaBlu™ Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate Kit

Catalog number: 15169
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The Thermo Scientific QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate Kit is a three-component kit containing proprietary fluorescent substrate, peroxide and stop solutions for stopped (endpoint) or non-stopped assays. QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrates allow rapid stopped and kinetic ELISA assays to be performed with greater sensitivity than TMB and OPD substrates.

Features of the QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate Kit:

• More sensitive than TMB, OPD or ABTS substrates
• Flexible - stopped, non-stopped or kinetic assays possible
• Large dynamic range (4 log peroxidase concentration range)
• Excellent stability: working solution is stable for 24 hours
• Large stokes shift; excitation/emission maxima of 325/420; range of 315-345/370-460
• Does not photobleach

A variety of substrates are available for detecting peroxidase activity in ELISA-based assays. Colorimetric substrates (e.g., TMB, OPD and ABTS) have been widely used for years. Each of these substrates varies greatly with respect to its performance characteristics such as detection sensitivity, working range and attainable signal-to-noise ratios. Substrate flexibility is also a key issue that affects an assay. Stability, development time requirements and the capacity to perform stopped and/or kinetic assays vary significantly among these substrates. Ideally, a substrate is stable, very sensitive, has high attainable signal-to-noise ratios, possesses a broad dynamic range, and allows the user to perform stopped, non-stopped and kinetic assays.

QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate meets all the requirements of an ideal substrate for use in peroxidase detection. QuantaBlu Substrate generates a blue fluorescent product upon reaction with peroxidase. The fluorescent product does not photobleach. Fluorometric-based detection overcomes the limitations of colorimetric substrate detection, which does not allow for quantitation of greater than four optical density units. QuantaBlu Substrate allows for stopped, non-stopped and kinetic assays to be performed. Incubation times with QuantaBlu Substrate for stopped and non-stopped assays may be varied between one to 90 minutes at either room temperature or 37°C. QuantaBlu Substrate exhibits a flat baseline in assays, which facilitates low-level detection sensitivity and allows for high signal-to-noise ratios.

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For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


QuantaBlu Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate
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Fluorogenic Peroxidase Substrate Kit
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Chemical Substrate
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HRP (Horseradish Peroxidase) Substrate

Contents & Storage

Sufficient For: 275 mL of 1X working solution (2750 wells at 100 µL per well)
• QuantaBlu Substrate Solution, 250 mL
• QuantaBlu Peroxide Solution, 30 mL
• QuantaBlu Stop Solution, 275 mL

Store at 4°C.