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Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent

Catalog number: 15338500

Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent

Catalog number: 15338500
Catalog Number
also known as 15338-500
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15 ml
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also known as 15338-500
15 ml
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Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent is a plasmid transfection reagent that offers the right balance of potency and gentleness for your cells, resulting in the highest possible transfection efficiencies and viabilities. Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent is a new, advanced solution for gene expression in both common and challenging cell types. No other plasmid DNA-specific transfection reagent can match the efficiency, convenience, and gentleness of Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent for transfection of primary, challenging, and sensitive cell lines. Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent is synthesized from 100% animal origin-free components, making it easy to validate the absence of zoonotic diseases, such as BSE or viruses, in research experiments or cell lines. A certificate of origin may be obtained by contacting Technical Support.

Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent offers:

• Superior delivery – transfect a broad range of cell types, including primary challenging and sensitive cells, with high efficiency
• Superior performance – combine high transfection efficiency with maximal (>90%) cell viability
• Optimized protocols – rapid, simple protocols provided for most cell lines
• A highly effective reagent to generate stable cell lines

Transfect Primary Cells Efficiently
Primary cells are often difficult to transfect. Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent, when combined with PLUS™ Reagent, provides the highest level of transfection in primary cells of any lipid- or polymer-based reagent. Many primary cell types have been successfully transfected with Lipofectamine™ LTX including primary neural progenitor cells.

Superior Delivery into Challenging Cells
When it comes to achieving high levels of protein expression in RAW267.3 macrophages, Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent outperforms competing transfection reagents (see Figure 4). Achieving high-level transgene expression in cells that are traditionally refractory to transfection allows you to obtain results that were previously unattainable.

Broad Compatibility with Cell Lines
In addition to being excellent for transfecting primary and challenging cells, Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent provides you with the most versatile approach to transfecting established cells lines, including those that are sensitive to other transfection reagents. Use our Transfection Selection Tool to help you select the best transfection conditions for the cells with which you work.

Stable Transfection
Lipofectamine™ LTX strikes the right balance between potency and gentleness, giving you the highest possible percentage of successfully transfected cells. This makes Lipofectamine™ LTX the quickest and easiest reagent for establishing stable transfectants from challenging or refractory cell types.

Simple, Rapid, Serum-compatible Protocol
Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent offers a streamlined protocol – no need to remove transfection complexes or change/add medium following transfection. A simple, optimization protocol helps you get the best results quickly so you'll spend less hands-on time, and get faster results.

Lipofectamine™ LTX and PLUS™ Reagent is available in the following sizes:
0.1 ml with 40 µl PLUS™ Reagent
0.3 ml with 0.25 ml PLUS™ Reagent
1.0 ml with 0.85 ml PLUS™ Reagent
15 ml (purchase PLUS™ Reagent separately)
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Animal Origin-Free
For Use With (Application)
High-throughput Compatibility
High-throughput Compatible
Product Line
Product Type
LTX Reagent
15 mL
Serum Compatible
Shipping Condition
Wet Ice
Cell Type
Established Cell Lines, Stem Cells, Primary Cells, Hard-to-Transfect Cells
6-Well Plate, 12-Well Plate, 24-Well Plate, 48-Well Plate, 96-Well Plate, Flasks
Sample Type
Plasmid DNA, RNAi Plasmids (shRNA, miR)
Transfection Technique
Lipid-Based Transfection

Contents & Storage

Each unit contains one vial of Lipofectamine™ LTX Reagent (15 mL). Store at 2–8°C. Guaranteed stable for 6 months when properly stored.