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Samco™ 16 × 125mm Disposable Culture Tubes (DCTs)

Samco™ 16 × 125mm Disposable Culture Tubes (DCTs)
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Choose the material that best suits your needs with Thermo Scientific™ Samco™ 16 × 125mm Disposable culture tubes, available in clarified polypropylene for strength and resistance, or polystyrene for superior clarity. Designed for most laboratory applications, these plastic tubes are chemical free and biologically inert. Each tube is precision molded and manufactured from premium grade materials. Our processes are monitored with quality checks which provide continued lot-to-lot uniformity and reliable performance. 
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  • Available with screw cap or without caps
  • All sterile tubes are gamma-irratiated and ready to use
  • Conveniently packaged—bulk or individually wrapped (sterile), and bulk or packs (non-sterile)
Warranty: 90 days
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