Nunc™ Edge 2.0 96-Well Plates This product, and/or its packaging, incorporates one or more environmental/green features. Click on this icon to learn more.

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Minimize plate evaporation and the risks associated with edge effect when using the uniquely engineered Thermo Scientific™Nunc™ Edge 2.0 Plate in place of your standard 96-well plate. When filled with sterile water or media, the surrounding moat acts an evaporation buffer during extended incubation, yielding consistent, viable cells across the entire 96-well plate that in turn enhances productivity for cell-based assays. Enabling the use of all 96 wells allows researchers to plan experiments more efficiently, resulting in potentially less cost and related product waste.

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Reclaim full-use of your 96-well plate
  • The Edge 2.0 Plate provides an ideal, efficient and economical solution for preventing evaporation and in turn the risks associated with edge effect.
  • Uniquely designed with a surrounding moat that serves as an evaporation barrier, enabling researchers to expand their microplate cultures to all 96 wells without concerns of evaporation.
Achieve full-plate consistency and enhanced productivity
  • Following incubation periods of up to four days, Edge 2.0 yields consistent, viable cells across the entire 96-well plate, leading to improved productivity for cell- based assays.
Improve your process and results
  • Enabling the use of all 96 wells permits experiment efficiencies that can result in potentially less cost and related product waste.
Optimized for extended microplate cultures
  • Nunclon™ Delta cell culture surface promotes cell attachment and growth; untreated surface options available
  • Filling perimeter reservoir with 1.7 sterile water or media helps to ensure well-to-well consistency and cell viability
  • Overall plate evaporation rate reduced to <2% after four days of incubation
  • Total well volume = 400 µL
  • Using the Edge 2.0 Plate in conjunction with the Thermo Scientific™ Varioskan™ LUX multimode microplate reader, the filled moat of the plate functions as passive humidity control, allowing for simultaneous incubation and signal detection during long-term applications with living cells inside the plate reader.
Warranty: 90 days

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