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Thermo Scientific™

Nunc™ Serological Pipettes

Nunc™ Serological Pipettes
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Pipettes and Pipette Tips

Select size and packaging options to advance your research with complete confidence when using Thermo Scientific™ Nunc™ Serological Pipettes. These accurate, disposable plastic pipettes are plugged and sterilized.

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  • 100% virgin polystyrene for maximum clarity
  • Certified non-pyrogenic
  • Non-cytotoxic
  • Sterilized pipettes are Gamma irradiated at a validated dose to ensure Sterility Assurance Level of 10-6
  • Bold clear graduations with easy-to-read scale markings
  • Non-dripping tip for pipette precision
  • Color-coded packaging for ease in sorting and selecting the correct size
  • Individually wrapped; paper/plastic or plastic film; peel or pop through for easy opening
  • Bulk packed for frequent use; reduces packaging waste
  • Shortie pipette with ergonomically friendly design for use under laminar hood

Warranty: 90 days
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