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AccucoreTM Biphenyl Reversed Phase HPLC Columns

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Industrial Chromatography

Choose Thermo Scientific™ Accucore™ Biphenyl LC Columns for fast and reliable separation of critical pairs and isomers. These columns provide unique selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes. Their optimized packing offers a rugged platform for a variety of matrices. Based on Core Enhanced Technology, Accucore liquid chromatography reversed phase columns provide fast, high-resolution separations without the elevated backpressures seen using sub-2µm particles.

  • Fast separations with excellent resolution and sensitivity
  • Lower backpressures so that UHPLC is not required
  • Mixed-mode selectivity for aromatic and moderately polar analytes
  • Enhanced Pi-pi interactions with aromatics
  • Excellent lot-to-lot reproducibility
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Trust your separation of critical pairs and isomers to Accucore Biphenyl LC Columns. These columns offer fast run times, excellent robustness, and consistent reproducibility, and provide the perfect balance of polar analyte retention and hydrophobic analyte elution.