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Instant Connect Split/Splitless (SSL) Injectors for TRACE 1300 Series GC

Instant Connect Split/Splitless (SSL) Injectors for TRACE 1300 Series GC
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Industrial Chromatography

Gain greater versatility in gas chromatography with Instant Connect Injectors for Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1300 Series GC systems. Thermo Scientific™ Instant Connect Split/Splitless SSL Injectors have an optimized thermal profile that avoids sample discrimination in split and splitless mode and accurately injects a broader range of analytes than before. Its cool injector head exerts minimum septum thermal stress to reduce bleed and extend septa lifetime. Flexible injector configuration enables quick and easy implementation of existing and validated methods so that any lab can be quickly productive.

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  • Suitable for all capillary columns (50µm to 530µm i.d.)
  • Supports concurrent solvent recondensation (CSR) for large volume injection (up to 50µL)
  • Compatible with 1/8 inch and 1/16 inch packed column using adapters
  • Supports P&T/TD/HS by special adapter
  • Compatible with Merlin Microseal™ septum
  • Maximum temperature: 400°C
SSL injector with integrated concurrent backflush
  • Reverse the flow inside the injector
  • Eliminate heavy or “undesired” compounds concurrently during the analysis run
  • Increase throughput
SSL injector advantages
  • Perform reproducible, accurate, and robust sample injection
  • Avoid sample discrimination and accurately inject a broader range of analytes
  • Reduce bleed and extend septa lifetime
  • Implement existing and validated methods quickly and easily
  • Use many standard consumables such as liners, septa, and ferrules already in your lab
  • Gain easy and immediate access to the septum and liner for simple and quick maintenance without tools or removing gas lines thanks to TRACE 1300 Series instant connect modules
  • Extract and restore the injector body quickly for cleaning when needed, such as after difficult sticky samples
Reduce downtime, simplify maintenance, and enhance GC performance

Instant Connect injectors and detectors redefine GC and GC-MS flexibility and usability. In two minutes, without training or tools, you can change these modules to

  • Reconfigure your system for a specific workflow or method
  • Perform maintenance and dramatically reduce maintenance downtime
  • Switch injectors and detectors between TRACE GC systems