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Instant Connect Helium Saver Injector for TRACE 1300 Series GC

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Industrial Chromatography

Greatly reduce helium consumption in gas chromatography with the Thermo Scientific™ Instant Connect Helium Saver Injector. This proprietary split/splitless (SSL) module only uses helium to supply carrier gas flow to the capillary column, while nitrogen is used for all other injection processes including septum purge, split, and sample vaporization. Existing methods remain unaffected because helium only flows through the column to the detector or the MS ionization source and analyzer. You can, therefore, use your existing methods, sensitivity, and capabilities. This injector is for use with all Thermo Scientific™ TRACE™ 1300 Series GC systems.

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  • Maximum helium consumption: Column flow +5mL/min
  • Uses Nitrogen for split flow and septum purge
  • Suitable for capillary columns with internal diameter between 100 and 320µm
  • Supports P&T/TD/HS by special adapter
  • Compatible with Merlin Microseal septum
  • Maximum temperature: 400°C
  • Requires Gas Purification Kit 1R120577-0001
Extends helium cylinder lifetime

The helium shortage inflicts price and supply uncertainty on a laboratory's ability to perform their research and analyses. With the Instant Connect Helium Saver, one helium cylinder can last:

  • 3.5 years continuously used 24/7/365 for GC-MS analysis
  • 14 years when you either shut the helium off or divert to nitrogen overnight and on weekends
Reduce downtime, simplify maintenance, and enhance GC performance

Instant Connect injectors and detectors redefine GC and GC-MS flexibility and usability. In two minutes, without training or tools, you can change these modules to:

  • Reconfigure your system for a specific workflow or method
  • Perform maintenance and dramatically reduce maintenance downtime
  • Switch injectors and detectors between TRACE GC systems