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CaptureSelect™ LC-lambda (rat) Affinity Matrix

Catalog number:  194324005

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The CaptureSelect™ LC-lambda (rat) Affinity Matrix contains a 13 kDa llama antibody fragment recognizing the lambda light chain of Ig's from rat and guinea pig. The ligand is directed towards a unique domain on the constant part of the lambda light chain of immunoglobulins, which enables purification of rat and guinea pig immunoglobulins and fab fragments without cross reactivity towards bovine immunoglobulins. This makes the CaptureSelect™ LC-lambda (rat) Affinity Matrix a unique resin in terms of specificity. The ligand is coupled on a 70 µm aldehyde-activated agarose bead. This matrix can be used for the purification and isolation of lambda light chain-containing rat and guinea pig immunoglobulins and fab fragments from complex sources like cell culture supernatants, plasma, and serum in a single step. Due to its non-reactivity with bovine Ig, FCS can be applied in growth media without disturbing purification.
For Research Use Only. Not for use in diagnostic procedures.


Column Type: Bulk Resin
Format: Bulk Media
Immobilized Phase: Anti LC-lambda
Product Line: CaptureSelect™
Product Size: 5 mL

Contents & storage

Store at 2–8°C.