Thermo Scientific™

Gravity Feed Sampler

Related applications:

Cement, Coal, Minerals

Thermo Scientific™ Gravity Sampler is a simple, cost-effective alternative to produce a sample for a Multi-Stream Analyzer. The Thermo Scientific Gravity Sampler is a cost effective altenative to produce a continuous sample for elemental analysis.
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The gravity sampler is available in a range of sizes to suit your process flow and uses a cutter and nozzle to manage the sample flow rate. It has an inspection point that allows for easy maintenance and inspection. Features

  • A wide range of sizes are available to handle most flow rates
  • Compact design
  • Cutters are replaceable through an inspection point
  • Table D, E and ANSI flanges available
  • Rubber-lined

Ordering Information:

Available in pipe diameters from 4in.(100mm) to 36in. (900mm).

Compatible with:

MSA Multi-Stream XRF Elemental Slurry Analyzer (PID-19502)