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TriPlus RSH™ Autosampler

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Accurate, repeatable sample preparation and sample introduction are essential to achieving the highest quality GC and GC-MS results. Automating the whole workflow—from standard dilution to injection—can improve the precision and reproducibility of your data, as well as the productivity of your lab.



The Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus RSH™ Autosampler expands automated capabilities beyond liquid, headspace, and SPME injections. With its advanced, built-in robotics, the system delivers exceptional precision, unprecedented sample handling flexibility, and reliable, weekend-long unattended operation.

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The TriPlus RSH sample handling platform brings together a number of technological innovations that further expand autosampler productivity, performance, and versatility for GC and GC/MS applications. In particular, the system’s automated, high-precision sample handling eliminates the manual labor and downtime traditionally required for tasks such as standard or stock sample dilutions or internal standard addition and derivatization.

Automatic Syringe Changeout

  • Automatic Tool Change (ATC) capability automates the exchange of syringes for different tasks in a single, unattended sequence.
  • Automatic switching of syringes for different analytical tasks ensures zero carryover.

Unprecedented Sample Capacity

  • Expand unattended operations and productivity
  • Capacity for 972 2mL sample vials combined with multiple 100mL wash/waste bottles allow for weekend-long unattended operation

Vial Bottom Sensing Expands Application Range

  • Precisely detecting vial bottom enables the autosampler to accurately withdraw microliters or fractions of microliters from sample amounts in as little as 5µL.
  • Autosampler enhances productivity and quality of results for sample-limited applications; e.g., trace analysis, radioactive samples, and samples requiring expensive internal standards.

Flexible Liquid Sampling and Injection

  • Optimized liquid injection modes support a wide range of sample types, inlets, and techniques for syringe filling—including Regular Mode, Fast Mode (injects in less than 100ms), and Sandwich Mode.
  • For highest precision sampling, all parameters can be programmed—including pull-up strokes, viscosity delay, washing cycles, and needle depths.

Automated Headspace Injection for Volatile Analysis

  • High temperature-resistant, gas-tight syringe eliminates the need for a transfer line and/or sample loop for direct headspace injection.
  • Overlapping sample incubation capability allows higher productivity.
  • Sample vial capacity of 300 10 or 20mL vials facilitates weekend-long unattended operation.
  • Optional Multiple Headspace Extraction (MHE) Mode enables accurate quantification of volatiles in a solid or samples with interfering matrices.

Automated, Solvent-Free SPME

  • Precise control of all steps—fiber preconditioning, adsorption and desorption, fiber washes—delivers maximum performance for solid phase microextration (SPME) applications.
  • Fiber conditioning station automatically flushes and heats fibers after the injection to further boost productivity.
  • Samples can be automatically heated and shaken to reduce analysis times.

Complete Menu of Liquid Handling Capabilities

  • Sequential dilution
  • Calibration dilution
  • Standard addition
  • Automated sample derivatization
  • Mixing
  • Vortexing
  • Barcode reading

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