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TriPlus RSH™ Autosampler

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Industrial Chromatography

Expand automated capabilities beyond liquid, headspace, and solid phase microextraction (SPME) injections. The advanced, built-in robotics of the Thermo Scientific™ TriPlus™ RSH™ Autosampler deliver exceptional precision, unprecedented sample handling flexibility, and reliable unattended operation. Accurate and repeatable sample preparation and introduction are essential to achieving the highest quality GC/GC-MS results. Automate the entire workflow, from standard dilution to injection, and improve the precision and reproducibility of your data, and your lab productivity.

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The TriPlus RSH autosampler brings together technological innovations that further expand productivity, performance and versatility for GC and GC/MS applications. Automated high-precision sample handling eliminates the manual labor and downtime typically required for tasks as standard/sample dilutions, internal standard addition and derivatization.

Automatic Syringe Changeout

  • Automatic Tool Change (ATC) capability automates the use of different syringes for sample preparation steps or different injection techniques within the sequence.

Unprecedented Sample Capacity

  • Capacity for up to 972 2 mL sample vials combined with multiple 100 mL wash/waste bottles allow for long unattended operation maximizing productivity.

Vial Bottom Sensing Expands Application Range

  • Precise detection of vial bottoms enables the autosampler to accurately withdraw from sample amounts as little as 5 µL, enhancing data quality of sample-limited applications.

Flexible liquid sample handling

  • Optimized liquid injection modes and customizable syringe filling techniques, support a wide range of sample types and full GC inlet compatibility.

Automated headspace injection for volatile analysis

  • High temperature gas-tight syringe allows direct headspace injection into the GC inlet for increased injection volume flexibility.
  • Sample vial capacity of up to 300x 10 mL/20 mL vials and sample incubation overlapping, facilitate long unattended operation.

Automated, solvent-free SPME

  • Precise control of all steps—fiber preconditioning, adsorption and desorption, fiber washes—delivers maximum performance for SPME applications.
  • Boost productivity with the optimized SPME Arrow design. It offers optimized fiber geometry to achieve 10x superior sensitivity compared to classical SPME, 2x faster extraction time and superior robustness.

Automated Sample Preparation
The Triplus RSH combines highly versatile sample injection capability with automated sample preparation procedures, eliminating typical GCMS workflow bottlenecks.

Daily operations ranging from sample/standard dilution to more complex derivatization protocols, can be fully automated. Common steps include:

  • Sequential dilution
  • Calibration dilution
  • Standard addition
  • Batch sample derivatization
  • Sequential sample derivatization
  • Heating/mixing
  • Vortexing
  • Ambient temperature headspace
  • Ambient temperature SPME

TriPlus RSH Sampling Workflow Editor Software
In addition to its ready-to-use prep cycles to automate basic sample preparation workflows, the TriPlus RSH can be easily programmed for custom procedures using a visual programming software, which is based on an intuitive drag-and-drop user interface.

Extend productivity with the optional 1D barcode reader

  • Save time: Sample information is automatically read, negating logging by hand.
  • Increase efficiency: Reduce errors from manually recording information and tracking samples.
  • Streamline operations: Smooth and safe internal operations are improved with sample tracking and management.