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µSPE Clean-up Tool for TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler

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Industrial Chromatography

Helping laboratories achieve reliable and high-throughput GC-MS analysis of pesticides, the automated cartridge-based micro Solid Phase Extraction (µSPE) Clean-up Tool for QuEChERS extracts is available for the TriPlus™ RSH Autosampler. This tool offers a fully automated on-line approach for clean-up of QuEChERS extracts, and replaces the dispersive SPE manual procedure. Suitable for a wide variety of food matrices, even those with high lipid contents, the µSPE tool offers a unified method for GC-MS analysis of hundreds of pesticides and organic contaminants. By using a single type of miniaturized cartridge, this tool also offers the benefits of scaling down sample volume and solvent usage.

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Enhancing the automated workflow capability of the TriPlus RSH, the µSPE Clean-up Tool for QuEChERS extracts for the TriPlus RSH Autosampler provides today’s routine laboratories with the productivity they need to succeed. Unlike classic vacuum manifold-based SPE, the flow rates applied to the µSPE cartridge can be precisely controlled with a liquid syringe on the TriPlus™ RSH autosampler, assuring optimum recovery. Low-flow rates of ∼2 µL/s in the load and elution steps are used for sharp analyte/matrix separation.

Other advantages of the µSPE Clean-up Tool include the following:

  • Unified clean-up method for all food matrices due to one cartridge type, complete with optimized sorbent bed materials.
  • No concentration step thanks to miniaturization at the microliter scale, eliminating routine dilution during the SPE elution step.
  • Cleaner extracts due to higher selectivity, resulting in extended instrument uptime.
  • Green chemistry as a result of highly reduced solvent consumption.
  • Cycle time optimization as preparation of the next sample is performed in parallel with the current chromatographic run, enabling an economical workflow.