Thermo Scientific™

Partisol™ 2000i Air Sampler

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Meet regulatory monitoring requirements for PM-2.5, PM-10 and other particulate sampling methods with the Thermo Scientific™ Partisol 2000i Air Sampler, a federal reference method ambient sampler. Featuring enhanced communication capabilities and and long-term unattended operation, the 2000i provides reliable and quiet operation, low maintenance requirements and a single-action filter exchange mechanism for added convenience.

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The Thermo Scientific Partisol 2000i Air Sampler is developed on the renowned iSeries software platform design and features USB ports for improved data downloads

Key Features:

  • U.S. EPA PM-2.5, PM-10 and PM-Coarse Reference Method
  • Improved data downloads
  • Simplified pump exchange
  • Modular parts platform

Additional iSeries features also include:

  • Flash memory for increased data storage
  • Enhanced Ethernet connectivity
  • Remote data access
  • iPort communication software
  • Large interface screen