Thermo Scientific™

Model 200LS and 200LD Dilution Probe Controller

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Meet U.S. EPA requirements for stack monitoring with high measurement sensitivity, fast response times and robust operation in harsh environments.  The Thermo Scientific™ Model 200LS and Thermo Scientific™ Model 200LD dilution probe controllers offers easy integration with other Thermo Scientific™ iSeries gas analyzers for a complete CEMS solution.
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  • Meets U.S. EPA CFR Title 40, Part 60 requirements requirements for stack monitoring
  • Integrates easily with other Thermo Scientific™ iSeries gas analyzers for a complete CEMS solution
  • Easy-to-operate with minimal maintenance
  • Measures stack emissions released in coalfired power plants by combining exhaust gases with pressurized, regulated zero air at a known dilution ratio
  • Accepts up to five calibrations gasses and can be configured for either single or dual probe installation