Thermo Scientific™

DSA-200 Dry Stream Analyzer

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Industrial & Applied Science

Thermo Scientific™ DSA-200 provides online, accurate elemental analysis of dry streams in mineral beneficiation and smelting operations. The DSA-200 is a robust analyzer providing accurate elemental analysis of dry streams in mineral sands applications. Elements from Al and higher in the periodic table can be measured using the X-Ray Fluorescence (XRF) technique. Thermo Fisher Scientific can design and provide materials handling systems for sampling and return. Correct sampling and analysis enables improvements in recovery, product quality and profitability.
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Features and BenefitsThe DSA-200 measures and reports:

  • Up to 20 elements (Al and higher) simultaneously, with an update time of one minute
  • Modern detector and electronics design with digital signal processing, giving superior accuracies and improved remote diagnostics
  • Accurate calibration and check sampling is achieved as the sample taken corresponds exactly to the analysis period
  • Direct interface to any plant process control system (e.g., Modbus or OPC) from the central computer
  • Rapid detection of process disturbances
  • Fewer off specification production due to contaminants, such as zircon in rutile
  • Optimal set-up of separator parameters
  • Reduced analytical costs for process control