HyPURITY™ ADVANCE™ HPLC Columns, 5µm Particle Size

Thermo Scientific™ HyPURITY ADVANCE™ HPLC columns combine the outstanding performance of our HyPURITY 190Å silica with a C8 reversed phase chemistry. This specialized packing with polar embedded character is well suited for LC/MS applications. The polar group protects the surface silanols from interaction with polar analytes and provides an alternate selectivity with excellent performance for compounds showing poor peak shape with traditional alkyl bonded phases such as C18.

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HyPURITY ADVANCE HPLC columns offer:

  • A polar embedded stationary phase for alternate selectivity
  • Ideal for high throughput fast analyses
  • Enhanced aqueous stability
  • Exceptional peak shape for acids, bases and chelators
  • 3µm and 5µm particle sizes available in a wide range of column geometries
  • Suitable for LC/MS due to exceptionally low bleed
  • Ideally suited to a variety of pharmaceutical applications