Thermo Scientific™

Orion™ 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer

Maximize up-time and keep your plant in pristine operation with the versatility and performance of the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2109XP Fluoride Analyzer. It offers accuracy, reliability and ease of use to best meet the demands of your fluoride analysis.
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  • Uses a recognized EPA method for fluoride analysis using an ion selective electrode (ISE)
  • Eliminates problems with turbidity and suspended solids in samples
  • Provides true accuracy in measuring total fluoride, with a detection limit of 10ppb
  • Offers continuous fluoride monitoring in a wide variety of samples
  • Protects against over-fluoridation of samples with sensitive, selective, reliable and verifiable measurements
  • Provides early detection of fluoride
  • Limits unnecessary calibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion fluoride electrode technology
  • Minimizes operator time and maintenance without the use of complicated moving parts or pumps that often require frequent attention and expensive spare part expenditures

Advanced User Interface:

  • Detailed calibration, measurement and diagnostic logs for early diagnostic and action level notification
  • Configurable to your facility's desired level of performance
  • Password protected
  • Easy to install, allowing your plant to be up and running in minutes


  • Retrofitable to the Orion 1809AO panel mounting footprint
  • Available in several configurations including the analyzer instrument only or with a protective enclosure
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