Thermo Scientific™

Orion™ 2118XP Oxygen Scavenger Analyzer

Control spending and protect your system using the Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2118XP Oxygen Scavenger Analyzer. This analyzer offers unmatched results for the control and optimization of oxygen scavenger systems and provides the perfect balance of performance and ease of use.
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  • Continuous online measurement ensures real time information for optimum control of the oxygen scavenger feed pump without excessive operating costs.
  • Measurements are fast and stable, limiting unnecessary calibration cycles due to drift with superior Orion iodide electrode technology.
  • Designed for versatility, our unique chemistry measures most oxygen scavengers with only a change in the standard.
  • Accurate and precise oxygen scavenger control maintains proper feed levels with confidence.
  • Repeatable and verifiable correlation of hydrazine readings to ELIMIN-OX concentration are obtained using a proprietary iodide reaction.

Ordering Information:

  • Annual Consumables Kit, Cat. No. 211850XP
  • Reagent, Cat. No. 181811
  • Diffusion Tubing, Cat. No. 181860
  • Calibration Kit, Cat. No. 2118XPCAL
  • Calibration Standards, Cat. No. 151810
  • Iodide Electrode, Cat. No. 100022
  • Reference Electrode, Cat. No. 100056
  • Reference Electrode Filling Solution, Cat. No. 181073