Phytone™ Peptone

Catalog number:  211906

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Mammalian Cell Culture

| Viral Vaccine Production

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Phytone Peptone is an animal origin-free (AOF) enzymatic digest of soy. Due to the naturally high concentrations of vitamins and carbohydrates in soy, Phytone Peptone is a nutritious and excellent carbohydrate source. Customers have successfully used this supplement in CHO-based production of monoclonal antibodies for oncological and rheumatological therapeutics, as well as with many different microbial cell types to produce animal health vaccines for swine, such as Clostridial vaccines.

• Animal origin-free (AOF) supplement
• Enzymatic digests of soybean meal/flour
• Retains the high vitamin and high carbohydrate content of the soy plant tissue

Applications of Phytone Peptone include:
• It is an excellent plant peptone for the cultivation of fungi and fastidious types of bacteria, such as members of the Clostridium and Neisseria genera
• It has been used in mammalian cell culture applications due to its high carbohydrate content


Product Line: Phytone™
Product Size: 454 g

Contents & storage

Storage conditions: 2°C to 25°C. Store in cool, dry conditions in well-sealed containers.