Thermo Scientific™

Nalgene™ Polypropylene, TPE Gasket, Accessory, Closure 83B, 3 port, 1/4 inch

Related applications:

Bioprocessing Containers

Maintain the integrity of a container and its contents with Thermo Scientific™ Nalgene™ Quick Filling/Venting Closures. A convenient fluid transfer system, this ported 83B closure features a quick-disconnect fitting with tubulation for attachment to tubing of your choice. Fittings have tubulation both in and outside of the closure, and socket fittings in the cap have internal valves that seal when a tubulation fitting is removed to maintain container seal integrity.

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  • Ready-made alternative to cumbersome in house filling/dispensing solutions
  • Assures container integrity with “shut off valve” style quick-disconnect fittings
  • 83B closure features inside/outside barbed fittings
Ordering Information:
  • Available in two- or three-port styles for 1/4 or 3/8″ (6.35 or 9.53mm) tubing—an ideal platform for customization of your Nalgene Bottle or Carboy
  • Ideal for use in vacuum systems with Nalgene Heavy-Duty Vacuum Carboys and Bottles; Cat. Nos. 2226 and 2126 recommended for in vacuum applications
  • Ideal for use with Nalgene 180 heavy-wall tubing (Cat. Nos. 800-0145 or 8000-0065)
  • Alternative and replacement fittings are available for further customization options (Cat Nos. 2159)
Use with heavy-wall/vacuum tubing. Not recommended for vacuum use with lighter weight containers. Fitting-to-socket seals will not hold vacuum after multiple autoclavings.