Cell MAb Medium, animal component free

Catalog number:  220513

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Mammalian Cell Culture

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Cell MAb Medium, animal component free, is a complete medium that contains L-glutamine and is supplemented with 0.3% Difco Select Soytone, an enzymatic digest of soy. This formulation does not contain phenol red, Pluronic® F68 (Kolliphor® P188), or other surfactants. It does not contain attachment factors, which may need to be added if this medium is used with adherent cell lines.


Quantity: 1000mL
Without Additives: Phenol Red or Pluronic™ Acid or Other Surfactants
Product Type: Cell MAb Medium, animal component free
Storage Requirements: 4°C
Storage: 4°C

Contents & storage

Storage conditions: 2°C to 8°C. Protect from light.