Thermo Scientific™

Orion™ 2210AM Ammonia Analyzer

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Thermo Scientific™ analyzers are designed to provide fast, accurate and reliable online ammonia detection – optimized for drinking water applications that requires critical monitoring of free ammonia. The new Thermo Scientific™ Orion™ 2210AM Ammonia Analyzer is designed to provide continuous and online measurement of free ammonia in drinking water to ensure process treatment optimization. When system efficiency is paramount, ammonia monitoring is a critical measurement. Ammonia levels above 0.1mg/L in water indicate a polluted water source which can lead to drastic environmental effects including marine life and when combined with phosphate will lead to algae blooms.
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  • Low reagent consumption due to a highly optimized, state of the art design
  • Wide range of detection – 0.03 - 30mg/L provides a complete picture of ammonia treatment process
  • Large, easy-to-read display allows for easy viewing in all types of lighting conditions
  • Simple menu navigation – an easy-to-read and understand menu structure
  • Compact size capable of being panel- or wall-mounted
  • Intelligent Sample Awareness – intelligent algorithm that senses the sample to keep the analyzer in a ready state, while offline, for up to 30 days